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Software Section Of CIT Website Relaunched
Software section of CIT LLC Website relaunched after short period of functional redesign.

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CIT Delivered "Association 3A" Website
CIT LLC programmers completed development of "Association 3A" Website and place it on hosting.

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Services Suggested
The 1C software
The complex program 1C: Enterprise is designed for a wide range of automation tasks of accounting and governance facing modern dynamically developing companies.
The tasks of accounting and management may differ depending on the type of activity, industry specific products or services, the size and structure of the company, the required level of automation. That is why the CIT offers a variety of configurations of 1C: Enterprise.
For companies with a wide range of tasks, and the transactions we offer:

Single-user version;

Network version;

Versions for SQL (Client-Server)

1C: Enterprise allows you to maintain accounting records according to a new plan for the settlement of accounts in accordance with the requirements of the Tax Code of Armenia.

Company CIT provides the following components of "1C: Enterprise":
1C: Accounting - is intended to account for the presence and movement of resources and tools businesses. Can be used as standalone or together with other components of the program's "1C: Enterprise."
1C allows you to automate the maintenance of all sections of accounting:
Operations on the bank and cash;
Management of fixed assets and intangible assets;
Recording and storage of materials and SBE;
Perform operations with goods and services;
Consideration of production;
Accounting for foreign currency transactions;
Settlements with organizations;
Calculation of salary;
Calculation of the budget.

1C allows you to automate the preparation of any primary documents: acts, bills, warrants, money orders and other documents.
1C: Trade and warehouse - a program designed to automate the trading and accounting for all types of transactions. The configuration of "1C: Trade and warehouse" allows you to easily create original documents, keep records of applications operating interconnected buyers and suppliers to carry out clearance orders with the possibility of redundancy at the time of the planned shipment, etc.
With this program you can keep a record of:
Warehouse operations;
Commodity Credit;
inventory of the parties with the ability to select the method of writing off the cost (FIFO, LIFO, on the average);
Own the goods and the goods taken for the implementation;
settlements with customers and suppliers.

1C: Salary and Personnel - creates all the necessary forms for cross-sectoral integration of labor and wages and other required reports, provides information for any billing period.
inventory of the parties with the ability to select the method of writing off the cost (FIFO, LIFO, on the average);
Own the goods and the goods taken for the implementation;
settlements with customers and suppliers.

Features Supported configurations include:

Registration of orders for a job;
Execution of orders on promotion;
Input and calculation of sick leave;
Calculation of various types of leave;
The calculation of taxes, including the unified social tax, and contributions to extra-budgetary funds;
Execution of orders on payment of premium, as individual employees, or any selected group of employees;
Input and calculation of a variety of bonuses "to the salary supplements" to "additional payments for seniority";
Maintain staffing company;
Preparation of standard reports and forms for submission to the tax and other authorities;
Conduct a partial payment of wages;
Consideration of debts on wages prior periods;
Making redundancies with the expectation of compensation leave, severance pay;
Develop a list of employees with the ability to group members on a particular attribute;
Development of various reports.

The main advantage of our company is that we offer a program of 1C interface in the Armenian language. This allows you to facilitate the work of those professionals who are more comfortable in the Armenian language.


Integrated accounting solution covering all major need of enterprise, including basic accounting, trade, salary, etc.

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