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Software Section Of CIT Website Relaunched
Software section of CIT LLC Website relaunched after short period of functional redesign.

New functionality reflects nowadays wide set of activities of the Department, extended to reselling software production of third companies/individuals, both Armenian, as well as from abroad.

CIT Delivered "Association 3A" Website
CIT LLC programmers completed development of "Association 3A" Website and place it on hosting.

The Website was ... »

CIT Complex
developed by CIT LLC
CMMS is a powerful tool designed to control any kind of maintenance (cars, computers, etc.). It provides a computerized support for all maintenance operations on a single computer as well as in a client-server media.

Basic subsystems and operations:

1. Equipment data: store and handle information about equipment, components, spare parts, equipment variables and nameplates, meters and meter readings, keeping equipment history, etc.

2. Assets management: assets locations with automatic generation, assets physical counting, etc.

3. Inventory data: completely store and handle information about all inventory items, items receiving, checking them out, vendors, current management, several types of analysis (ABC, EOQ), etc.

4. Purchasing: analyzing of items current amounts, detailed information on vendors and manufacturers, automatic generation of purchase requisitions and orders with an ability to send this orders as faxes directly from the program to the vendors, keeping purchasing history, etc.

5. Service requests: processing service requests from departments, tenants or persons, keeping service requests history.

6. Work orders: creating non-repetitive and scheduled work orders with all necessary data, filtering work orders, calculating productivity, keeping work orders history, etc.

7. Scheduling: planning repetitive tasks, master schedules, multi-equipment tasks, multitasks, in-service tasks, shadowed tasks, metered tasks; creating task instructions list, scheduling work orders.

8. Statistical predictive maintenance: helps to predict failures before actual break down of equipment

9. Employee and Labor: information about firm’s stuff, i.e. craft codes, names, experience, wages, etc. and their timekeeping.

10. Budget: budgeting information, i.e. tracking projected and actual costs, analyzing their discrepancies, etc.

11. Security: total security allows check a behavior of any field on any form depending on the current user access rights; the system also supports the network security.

12. Complete set of service utilities: backing up and restoring complete data system, archiving and restoring data from several subsystems independently, processing audit trail information, shrinking tables, repairing damaged data, viewing current user and information, viewing tables information, viewing system information, export any table into a file of another format (EXEL, Paradox, dBase, …), integrated query designer both for local and remote tables and views, etc.

13. Approx. 200 predefined reports with ability to create arbitrary charts and export resulting data into another format. In some cases user can generate custom reports or print labels. All reports, labels and charts can be previewed on the screen as well as printed or transferred via fax modem.

The system is developed completely in Oracle8 with using of Developer/2000 and works as a client-server system.


Integrated accounting solution covering all major need of enterprise, including basic accounting, trade, salary, etc.

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