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Software Section Of CIT Website Relaunched
Software section of CIT LLC Website relaunched after short period of functional redesign.

New functionality ... »

CIT Delivered "Association 3A" Website
CIT LLC programmers completed development of "Association 3A" Website and place it on hosting.

The Website was ... »

Custom Development

Software Process Framework
The software process framework is designed for successful project delivery through a well defined and managed process that is tailored to meet specific customer requirements. It is intended to ensure long-term stability and improvement over time.

The Software Development Division of the Company is in the process of certification for CMMI Level 3.

Software Development Areas
1. Enterprise solutions (Enterprise Management, Business Automation, Financial/Accounting Software)

2. Web applications, Web development, design and maintenance (corporate Web sites, e-Commerce, e-Governance, e-Consulate, e-Learning, management and monitoring systems)

3. Other (sales, statistical software, catalogs, voice messaging systems, logistics, geoinformation systems, etc.)

Main Specialization Features
Programming languages: VB/VB.NET, C#, Java, C/C++, PERL.

Databases: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle.

Web development tools: ASP/ASP.NET, PHP, JSP/Servlets/Struts/Velocity, Flash/Director, PERL, XML, JavaScript, HTML, Web design.

Software Packages Developed By CIT Team
Own Products
  • DocsMan Online documentation flow management system (version 3.0)

  • Turnstile Automated entrance-exit and working time control solution (version 2.0)

  • CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System (version 4.3)

  • DM (Data Maintenance) Web content analyzing tool

  • Electron Comprehensive accounting and consumption/payment tracking system

  • HH_CIT Accounting software for small and medium enterprises

  • TimeBill Project management tool

  • CVMS Computerized Voice Messaging System

  • Gauge3D Statistical processing software

  • CIT:Complex Enterprise management and business automation software package

Custom Developments
  • ARLIS Armenian Legal Information System

  • SRS State Registry System of the RA

  • SARM National Standards System of the RA

  • MIS Management information system for the EU Business Advisory Service Program in the RA

  • EGSTA/CEGS e-Governance system for territorial administration of the RA

  • Staff Database for the World Vision Armenia

  • Data Mart Reporting Corporate data warehousing system

  • Sales Profiler Front-end sales tool for home builders

  • UNIMAP Business reference mapping tool

  • Product Part Numbering System for Epson Electronics

  • Airport Logistics Management System for Ogma Inc.

  • Art Catalog Electronic catalog of the artworks of selected Armenian artists

  • Jewelry Catalog Electronic showcase of jewelry

  • Catalog of Rugs Electronic catalog of Armenian rugs

  • SPC3D Statistical analysis software for medium and large enterprises

Websites Developed By CIT Team
  • UNDP Global Compact Armenia www.globalcompact.am

  • “Pakagic” daily newspaper www.pakagic.am

  • “Armenian Business” Small and Medium Business Union portal www.businessport.am

  • Armenian Hotel Association www.aha.am

  • Armenian Restaurant Association www.armenianrestaurants.am

  • Dilijan city Website www.dilijan.am

  • Armenian Guides Guild www.armenian-guides.am

  • Ministry of Justice of Armenia* www.justice.am

  • Armenian Legal Information System www.arlis.am

  • State Registry System of Armenia www.stateregistry.am

  • National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia www.ncoa.am

  • Central E-Government portal for the Ministry of Territorial Administration of RA www.region.am

  • Regional E-Government portals vdzor.region.am, lori.region.am, syunik.region.am, etc. (total 10 portals)

  • Community E-Government portals sevan.region.am, etc. (total 12 portals)

  • Export Directory of Armenia* www.export.am

  • Armenian Jewelers Association www.aja.am

  • National Standards Institute of Armenia www.sarm.am

  • Enterprise Incubator Foundation* www.eif-it.com

  • 1-Network company www.1-network.ru

  • Firm Alpha Co., Ltd www.alpha.am

  • Elitar Travel Service* www.tourism.am

  • International «AgroForum» Conference www.agroforum.am

  • LowerMyBills.com (several sections) www.lowermybills.com

  • DomainMart.com www.domainmart.com

  • Consolidated Land Exchange www.cle.am

  • Training system for PCi Inc. www.pciwiz.com

  • Hyart Ltd. www.hyart.am

  • Ultrasound Research and Education University Center of Armenia www.armedsound.am

  • Armenian Business Weekly

  • Zero One Dimension

  • Dolphin Publishers

  • Zoryan Institute www.zoryaninstitute.org

  • Ogma Inc. www.ogmainc.com

  • CreationPoint Systems Corporation www.creationpoint.com

  • Ronco Consulting Corporation

Sites marked with * were laterredeveloped/replaced


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